​                       2014 OPENING SCHEDULE
May 16th
Gate opens.  Seasonal Campers are allowed to bring their equipment in.

May 23th: 
Campground offically opens for the Season!

May 26th:
This is the last day for Seasonal Campers to receive 
a $100 discount off rates by paying their balance in full. 

​We look forward to seeing you and hope you all have a 
very happy and enjoyable stay at Dummer's Beach. 

Dummer's Beach Campground
on Lake Webb 
in Weld Maine
Dummer's Beach Campground is located on the tranquil beach front of Lake Webb in Weld, Maine. We're proud to be family-owned and operated since 1931 and is amazing that we have families who have vacationed with us for more than three generations!